Monday, June 18, 2007

Final thoughts on JWI

I absolutely hate this book. ("Jaywalking With the Irish") Need I say more? I guess you want to know why.

Ok, then. I will dedicate this post to my negative criticism of JWI.

In the beginning, I thought "Let's give this one a try. I might be surprised by how good it will turn out." So, as you can see, even though I disliked it in the very beginning, I gave it a shot.

But, it turned out even worse than I had expected.

What were the things I disliked? Everything. But let's start with the story. So many people are expats. So many expats write about their experience - some have a more exciting story than the others. David Monan's was definitely one of the latter. Perhaps his experience was exciting in general but he did not manage to give it across as such. At some point he says that one of the reasons he likes Ireland so much is that people are natural poets. They are great story-tellers and very interesting conversation companions. And that he would like to excercise that trait in him as well. Unfortunately, his story is told in a sort of monotonous way. And he uses too many adjectives - I guess he wanted his story to be told in a very rich language, but the result of this wish was a languege packed with too many adjectives and the narrative just simply doesn't flow. You get stuck a lot while reading.

Anyway, I did not like the book. ANd that's the end of it.

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