Sunday, February 10, 2008

Born for hard luck

Letters are great! Totally out of habit in this rapid world governed by e-mails and blogs which are just a click away from delivery and receiving...what happened to letters traveling through hands, cities, villages, through air for days and weeks...until, richer with experience they patiently arrive into the hands of the beholder...? what happened to patience and sweet waiting...waiting for letters, scribbled down on paper with care...

Not long ago I received a letter that flew its way across the Atlantic. It smiled and grinned on its way and loudly, with a BOOM painted giggles on my face and curiosity in my eyes.

It was a letter from the Deep South...and it contained a dvd with little films on it....and one especially got stuck in my mind. It was about a man called Peg Leg Sam, a man born for hard luck.

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