Friday, November 6, 2009

★ Analogue nostalgia

Looks like someone is going to shoot a wedding in Las Vegas in January:)))))) yeeeehaw!
Need more memory cards, flash, additional battery (= reminder!!). Oh, man (I moan) .Where have all the good days in photography gone. You know... getting a role of film or two and wait patiently (and economically) for that perfect shot. No memory cards for thousands of random, shitty photos you can delete afterwards. No spending money you don't have for additional equipment you need with a digital. Just the basics and patience, and eagerness to see the developed role of film, being intimate with it in the dark room, putting it on the reels in complete darkness, taking it to the sink in a tank, pouring liquids into it, shaking it, checking the clock, and then getting it out and ...MAGIC. Your efforts unwind on a strip of film. You dry it, take it to the darkroom and with a bit of light and chemicals, you make a print. It's a ritual. Meditation topped with the feeling of success.

Well, and now.... the digital mania is here. The analogue material is almost gone, and I have to make do with what I have. And what I have is not much. It's a shitty lens, performing terribly bad in low light conditions. I'll have to go through hell to get a few good shots in the city of lights. Irony right there. I'm going to the city of lights and it will be too dark for good shots. hehahha.
Well, it will be like in the good old days. Before I went to the States in 2003, my grandmother secretly gave me a little money, so that I could buy a camera there. And so I did. At Pinkey's, in this run down neighborhood with run down houses and broken cars along the road in Little Rock, I bought my very first totally manual, analogue, camera, a Kalimar with an additional zoom lens. It was a great camera for learning (a requirement in my photography class). I used it throughout my travels. I remember using it at concerts, in Las Vegas....well, in places with low light. And I got some good shots. They were not the most clear shots in the world, but they were good, thanx to the low light lens I used. No flash. :) And I managed.

Here are some shots with this camera (scanned).

~ my very first (or maybe second) print, right out of the darkroom ~

~Faulkner House, Conway ~

~ Cleaning lady in the music hall, Hendrix College ~

~ Inspired by Newton ~

~ Clarksdale, Mississippi - home of the blues ~

~ Clarksdale, Mississippi ~

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