Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The world of clothes

Dude, it looks like GRUNGE is back. I wasn't even aware it was gone.

If I had to tell you what my fashion style was, of course, I wouldn't know what to tell you. Sometimes, I don't care. Sometimes, I just wear whatever I have at disposal. Sometimes, I'd like to have a certain style - but I guess having none, IS my style.
Well, but if I had to decide, it would be grunge. I am a sucker for huge caps and hats, preferably woolen. I am definitely a jeans gal. If it's torn and "grungy" even better. Unfortunately, I only have one pair, because my mum threw them all away. She hates torn jeans:) And shirts - checkered shirts with lots of different pins. Suspenders. Boots (Dr. Marteens are still a classic). A vest, a jacket, wacky sun glasses. Yup. That's definitely what I like, but don't wear very often. It's too much work and too many items to deal with. Who's got time?!

And, oh, man. Clothes are way overpriced. I think they are MAD in the world of fashion. Suppose you desperately need a job and you finally get one and it requires formal attire. Unless you have a friend who'll lend you what you need for the first month, you are screwed, dear friend! You can spend the entire first salary solely on clothes. Those things cost way, way too much. And it's getting worse.
The whole world seems to be obsessed with fashion. There's a fashion mania going on everywhere you go. The only thing about that that I actually like is that ANYTHING you wear seems to be fashionable. heheh. That's good. Very good.

By Dan and Dean Caten (grunge designers)
This looks feasible, but I would certainly remove the high heels
and replace them with more comfortable shoes

I remember being in London when I was 18 and OF COURSE I went to Covent Garden, where there is (I hope it still is) a huge Dr. Marteen's store. I left it with a few pairs of shoes...and got a little Dr. Marteens booklet. It said:

Grunge is what happens when children of divorce get their hands on guitars. :)

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