Friday, February 19, 2010

★ Self-portraits = narcisissm? ★

What do you think? Do you think a person who posts photos of herself/himself looks vain? Is such a person a narcissist? Egoist?

I say, not necessarily. In general, I think it's kinda cool:). The view on the matter should be: isn't it totally cool that a person likes and is confident about their looks and character? How fortunate. How many people do/are? And why would that be a bad thing?

Also - how are you ever going to know other people if not knowing yourself from inside-out first? Ashamed of taking pics of yourself? Well, I don't see why. Unless you are ashamed of yourself...

Think visual world is not spiritual enough, that it is superficial? Why? It can be extremely spiritual. A photograph (any photograph for that matter) of oneself carries meaning and, as we have heard so many times, more than a thousand words :))). Thus, if you think a photograph is superficial, then you think written language is superficial. It is just as visual. In fact, a photograph, being a visual text, can carry even more meanings than the written text. It can be interpreted from certain perspectives; it can hide idioms:)

Anyway, the additional (good) reasons for self-portraits are that you can already learn a lot of the technical stuff on your camera just by taking shots of yourself.

Sometimes, self-portraits are amusing when it's raining outside and you're extremely bored. So, a lot of times self-portraits are a consequence of boredom (or amusement), they turn out great and creative and you publish them for their uniqueness. It doesn't mean that you are narcissistic. Not in a bad way, anyway.:))))

...if you think otherwise, you are simply too prejudiced and should start accumulating more positivity in your life ;)

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