Monday, October 4, 2010

★ In need of a good book ★

It seems like a sea of devotion has been given to my work, which is now approaching a "wrap up" (hopefully).

I do love working, especially if it's for the purpose of art or something great...and here comes the big "but". This time it does not include a completely negative opposite; it represents only a longing for more time to enjoy a good book, which my line of work doesn't always allow, unfortunately.

I took a pile of books to my couch the other day and embarked on the story of the first, second, third...None swallowed my attention. They were either written in a dull style or were about broken relationships and the stream-of-consciousness drama that they entail. Not my kinda read!
Then I borrowed one from a colleague. It seemed like THE one in the beginning. For a second or so. It was titled "The Violin", by A. Rice and the beginning sort of got me by the hook for a moment. But as I progressed, it was less and less inviting. I came to the third page and was terribly angry  at the content, which totally pissed me off. Even more so, because the style of writing was darn good, but the story....oh, boy. I am so sick and tired of these "drama"-stories involving f***ed up relationships that it makes me want to vomit.

I usually give a book a chapter or two - but not this one. The last time I hated a book this much - but managed to fight my way to the end - was a few years back when I read Jaywalking with the Irish. This one is much worse. 

So, now, I just keep to my dearest McSweeney's Quarterly, my dearest old friend Harington and  the great Eudora Welty. 

I need something new, though. My book shelf is about to break, I've got so many books....but none seems to be right at the moment. ...

Any ideas?

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