Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The guilded age

What if my subconsciousness is in a dark age? It shows in my photography.

Perhaps not. To think about it, it really seems to be more of a light experimentation than anything else.

I've come to accepting the digital world and even appreciating it. I view the grand Photoshop as one of my favorite places (THE favorite place, of course, is BEHIND THE CAMERA). The more I play with it, the more it has to offer. Not only does it give me the opportunity to improve my images most of the time (which is due to not knowing how to use my new camera properly), it also gives me good lessons on what a good image should be. Hell, I've always loved spending time in the darkroom. LOVE IT!

Other than that, I still collect old cameras - my "collection closet" is almost full of different formats and camera gear from several different decades of the 19th and 20th centuries. The look upon the gear sometimes gives me the creeps, because film is so hard to get these days. Don't even let me start on how difficult it is to get POLAROIDS. As I hear, Polaroid has stopped producing polaroids. Then a guy I bought an old Polaroid from in Graz told me that a bunch of guys in Amsterdam bought the whole factory and are planning on producing them in 2010. Hope it happens!

I'm also GRADUALLY buying gear for my Nikon D80. I've been trying to get an AF lens for it, but am not sure it will work. I believe that the D80 has the AF motor in the body, but I'm still not sure whether it would work. Some say it would, others say it wouldn't. Hopefully, there is a store where they let you try the lenses out before you buy them.
My digital Nikon needs to work a lot like the analogue SLR. That is a must. So I need a low-light lens!

Well, that's all for now. I need to go find that new lens now. :)

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