Sunday, May 10, 2009

We are f *****

I found this poem I totally "agree" with. It was posted here. Written either by
Ohad Ben Shimon or Sander Uitdehaag.

We are fucked.
We are a generation of fucked up people.
We, the young
the misfits
the retarded
can’t get it through.
Can’t live the life we are supposed to.

We try.
We cling together.
We look up and down.
Here and there.
Take this road and that road.
But we never really get there.
We never make the point.
We never score.

And it’s not that we don’t want to.
We do.
We have an image of how it is supposed to be.
But it’s not over there. It’s not in front of us. It’s not in front of you.
It’s in the back of our minds.
On our internal desktops.
In our little diaries.
In between the celluloid of our negatives.

We sketch the life we dream of until our dreams become sketches of our lives.

We go.
We no go.

We have no financial crisis simply because we have no finance.

Are we abnormal?
Are we really that different?
What is difference?

Is there such a thing as being normal?

So why ask of me what even you can’t portray?

I will tell you this:

You can go and fuck yourself.

If you can’t help me you can’t help you.

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