Friday, May 29, 2009

It seems like my new lens will have to wait a while longer - on some shelf, in some some some country.

I drove to Maribor the other day...and somewhere behind God's balls in Sp. Selnica, a F****** c*** S***** cop pulled me over and served me a speeding ticket! Oh, man, I had no idea that speeding tickets were so insanely high in this country!I've been a driver for over 10 years - without tickets! But lately, those cops just seem to love bumping into me on roads.

Not long ago, I drove to Austria - and a meter from the border, I was pulled over and had to pay 60 euros for not having an ID.
So, gradually, the savings intended for my new lens are getting lower and lower - I am giving it all to the police of Slovenia. Well, I hope they can afford more donuts now. :) (are there any other cliches I can use?)

Anyway, there's been a lot to do lately, so I haven't had enough time for photography. This is all I've done in the past few weeks.....

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  1. the tree is fucking amazing. your beaming through your lens.