Saturday, July 4, 2009

★ I recommend socializing :)

So much shit has gone down in the past few days, maybe months, that I'm beginning to wonder I'm doing something wrong. But I've come to realize that the "filter" I've created for protection sort of crashed, vanished, so I need to create a new one. My head is alright - getting there, loving the positive vibes, so all i need to do is not let other people's troubles hit it and set it in the wrong direction. I've got some MAJOR FILTERING TO DO. :)

Recession has certainly drained spirituality out of people. It's really showing in the everyday life. The air is packed with stress and tension. Most of the time everyone minds their own business, trying to survive. The "attack" element is always present in conversations. One must think carefully before an even vaguely personal utterance, or else fire breaks out.

I recommend socializing. As much as possible. Talking, playing, laughing, being creative. That does it for me, anyway. :) well, and maybe a sip of good whiskey a day (it's good for veins and blood circulation)

Photography has been my main occupation in the past two weeks. Mostly the "ABOUT photography" part. I've gathered so much information that a photo shoot is inevitably necessary:) ambitions need to be realized. and soon.

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