Monday, April 15, 2013


I have finally found the best ever fitness trainer and her name is Jillian Michaels. If you're one of those people who doesn't like fitness studios and likes to exercise at home, her exercises are the best. Not only carefully planned, but she also supports you all the way through the exercise.
I combine her videos with Tone it Up, where I not only find great exercises but also yummy recipes for smoothies, salads, etc etc.

Here's a smoothie I just love:
Copyright: Tone it Up
Sok iz svežih jagod & kokosa ♥ Pospeši metabolizem & imunski sistem; vsebuje ogromno kalija & antioksidantov, kar izboljša vašo kožo & ima anti-vnetne moči. Naredite sok iz jagod - z juicerjem in dodajte kokosovo mleko (iz svežega kokosa).
Če nimate juicerja, si naredite smoothie iz jagod in dodajte kokosovo mleko ali mandljevo mleko.

Fresh juiced strawberries & coconut ♥ Boosts your metabolism & immune system and it's packed with potassium & antioxidants to give you beautiful skin & anti-inflammatory powers. Juice the strawberries and add the juice from the inside of a coconut. You can also make it a smoothie by blending frozen strawberries, unsweetened shaved coconut with coconut water or almond milk.

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