Monday, May 26, 2008


Life is mysterious, unpredictable, and yet, all the life's paths, or some at least, come together at a certain point. Always.

Professor Frank Newman gave me a great tip - to read MJ Ryan's book "This Year I Will...", which offers just the kind of insights into my problems that I need. Two blogs ago, I wrote about how I need change and I can't carry it out because of certain obstacles I also mentioned. I even said the obstacles are not lame excuses not to get down to it. But then I came across this thought in Ryan's book:
One of the tricks about change is that we have to figure out how to do it in the midst of everything else.

Easier said than done, right? NO! Now, THAT's an excuse right there! Here one has to focus on the "figuring it out - part" and work on that (not for ages though. :-) However, just like discovering who you really are, figuring out how to make a change is a process. How to go about that? Making a list of possibilities would seem like a good idea and then seeing how probable things are and then just go for it!

Another thing happened last weekend. After all week of feeling unstimulated and unmotivated, I met a friend from Paris, whom I haven't seen in ages. I was drinking coffee in Maribor, suddenly I had to pee. Someone was in the toilet, and I waited for ages for this, probably, woman to finish peeing. She peed and peed for so long I started giggling. In the end there was a sigh of relief and then the door opened and she came out. We glanced at each other as all women do when they pass on the peeing facilities to another. Then she was about to turn to wash her hands...our eyes stuck out - hey! we know each other. It took a second to place the familiar face into that "drawer" in the brain, which is labeled with "knowing people". haha. To meet a friend in the toilet....Of course the plans I had in Maribor changed, we went to a bar and had a few beers, a few laughs and talked and talked - mostly about life and finding yourself. Of course, I knew who I was before the conversation with her, but this was the first time someone asked how I'm getting along with myself. And for the first time, I knew what to answer. What a good feeling. To be able to answer that you are pretty much sure about who you are and what you want out of life. (I need to say that for me, that is a life-lasting process) If you don't grab life, life will grab you. We all know that, but we should say or hear it every day, all the time.

So, I've had a good week's start. Feeling all stimulated and enthusiastic about the numerous possibilities.


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