Monday, May 26, 2008

The Dreaming

The Dreaming

We dream our lives, and live our sleep's extremes.
The one is to the other not as real.
We fabricate our future in our dreams.

The present moment isn't what it seems.
Experience is only what we feel.
Our lives are dreamt. In sleep we live extremes.

The past is prologue, as the Bard proclaims.
It made us what we are. let's turn the deal
by fabricating future in our dreams.

Our night will wake to day from sound of screams.
but so our day will yearn for night to heal.
We dream our days, and live our night's extremes.

The future enters us in bits and gleams.
In order that its brightness may reveal
how we can learn to make it in our dreams.

The past is history's. The present, schemes
of chance or temporality can steal.
We dreamt out lives, and lived our sleep's extremes.
We'll fabricate our future in our dreams.

Donald Harington

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